Brian Rogers “What If Nothing Is cheap” in Today’s Market?

“What if nothing is cheap” in today’s market? In a rare interview, Brian Rogers, longtime portfolio of the T. Rowe Price Equity Income Fund, a  Morningstar favorite, tells us why he’s worried about risks and “pockets of craziness” in the market and where he is finding value in an expensive world.

Great Investor Brian Rogers joined T. Rowe Price in 1982. He is now its Chairman, Chief Investment Officer and since its 1985 inception the portfolio manager of the T. Rowe Price Equity Income fund, a Morningstar Analyst Favorite because of its consistent market and category beating returns delivered with less than market risk. I asked Rogers if there is anything really worrying him about the outlook for the markets and T. Rowe Price specifically.

More points from Brian  Rogers below


– Trim overvalued winners
– Add to undervalued laggards

Stock Portfolio
Potential trims: U.S. stocks, especially small cap stocks

Potential adds: Emerging market stocks

Bond Portfolio
Potential trims: High yield bond winners

Potential adds: Short term Treasury notes and T-bills
High quality emerging market government and corporate bonds