U.S. Economic Radar: Treasury, Fed, M2, Trade Deficit

U.S. Economic Radar: Treasury, Fed, M2, Trade Deficit

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A recap of this week’s U.S. economic events:

  1. The Treasury ran a budget deficit of $91.6 billion in October.
  2. Labor productivity increased while unit labor costs fell in Q3.
  3. The monthly international trade deficit increased to $41.8 billion in September.
  4. The Chicago Fed’s National Activity Index increased slightly to 0.14 in September.
  5. Industrial production decreased 0.1% in October.
  6. The New York Fed’s Empire State Manufacturing Survey moved into contraction in November at -2.21.
  7. Initial jobless claims for the week decreased to 339k.
  8. Intermodal rail traffic for the week was up 6.3% year over year.
  9. The weekly National Financial Conditions Index loosened to -0.90.
  10. M2 declined 0.30% week over week.
  11. Chains stores prepare for Black Friday early.

The economic indicators tracked in the U.S. Economic Radar have been separated into their Absolute Strength and the Direction they are moving in. The data points are colored by how many standard deviations they are better than or worse than their historical average, with bright green being good and bright red being bad. This template will be further built on going forward, and tinkered with where necessary to best convey a true sense of the nation’s economic status.

Included at the bottom is an economic schedule for the week ahead, along with what the trend has been for each of those indicators.

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