Shooting Reported At Children’s Hospital In Wisconsin

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A shooting has been reported at a children’s hospital in Wisconsin. According to The USA Today, which picked up on the reports, the hospital is on lock down after shots were fired. Local police say that a suspect was shot and wounded at the scene. The sheriff went on to say that none of the staff, patients or visitors at the hospital were injured during the course of the incident.

The shooting happened at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, which is located in the Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa. The incident took place at around noon according to the reports. Police went to the hospital after being alerted that a wanted man was visiting the neonatal unit.

Wisconsin hospital shooting

According to the latest reports the man was shot and wounded by officers. Reports suggest that the man was armed at the scene, and that was the reason that the police were called to the hospital in the first place.

According to the authorities, when police arrived at the scene the man was armed, and he was holding a baby. There was no information on why the man was in the neo natal unit in the first place, or how he managed to get the baby into his hands. When police told the man that he was under arrest he placed the baby on the floor and attempted to flee.

The man then turned to officers and brandished his gun in a threatening manner. That caused officers to shoot the man, which they did several times. The extent of the man’s injuries have not been revealed, but he has been transferred to another nearby hospital in order to heal his injuries. The man’s condition is not fatal according to some of the local media reports about the shooting.

The hospital is on lock down as police investigate the incident, but it appears that the danger has passed.

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