National Gas Prices Down Ahead Of Thanksgiving Day [CHARTS]

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The average price per gallon for all formulations of regular gasoline was $3.24 per gallon during the month of November, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reports. That is about a 10 cent decrease from October prices, and down about 21 cents from a year ago.

This is the 5th consecutive month that the gasoline price per gallon has decreased.

Diesel fuel was $3.84 per gallon in November from $3.86 last month.

Gas Prices

National Gas Prices Down Ahead Of Thanksgiving Day [CHARTS]

Prices per gallon of regular gas decreased in all U.S. regions in November:

  • East Coast: $3.30 from $3.35 last month.
  • Midwest: $3.15 from $3.27 last month.
  • Gulf Coast: $3.04 from $3.11 last month.
  • Rocky Mountain: $3.22 from $3.44 last month.
  • West Coast: $3.50 from $3.67 last month.

From a year ago, gas prices are down in all regions and have decreased the most in the Rocky Mountain region.

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