While the Internet and mobile applications already provide nearly countless messaging options, it’s coming to light that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s property Instagram will begin offering messaging options before the end of the year.

Instagram To Add Pvt. Messaging [REPORT]

Instagram yet to comment on the update

While Instagram has yet to provide specifics, or comment on it at all for that matter, that is indeed what Om Malik of GigaOm is reporting. Malik has a strong track record with his reporting on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), Instagram and other tech companies.

Its believed that this will include both private and group messaging options for the 150 million people that use Instagram. Instagram made that user number announcement in September. One can only assume they’ve picked up considerably more users since the announcement was made.

The addition of messaging is not a tremendous shock given that users can already tag others, and Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) certainly has the technology to integrate a messaging capability.

More functions of Instagram’s messaging service

A messaging function would also, presumably, allow for the sharing of photos in a less public manner, something that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is clearly after if they did indeed recently offer $3 billion for Snapchat prior to being rebuffed.

Malik also elaborated on the timing. “With the holidays around the corner and smartphones as likely hot gift items, many people are going to experience Instagram for the first time and they should perhaps start with a brand new experience,” he wrote.

Last month saw Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) release a new look to its mobile messaging application for both Android and iOS. While it could be argued that there is little to no need for additional messaging applications, Malik makes a strong point when he suggests that a number of people will be receiving their first smartphone this Christmas.

For someone unfamiliar with Instagram, why not give them messaging options before new smartphone owners look elsewhere?