A Study Of Fund Managers From Behavioral Lense [VIDEO]

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What makes fund managers tick? The first in a four part video blog series explores the psychology and motivating factors driving fund managers today. Under tremendous pressure, constantly expected to outperform, yet faced with overwhelming evidence that this is impossible in the long term; how do these undoubtedly bright and hard-working people deal with the seemingly contradictory nature of their jobs?

Welcome to a series of four video blogs in which we’ll attempt to lift the lid on the fund management industry.

The series is based on this book – Fund Management: An Emotional Finance Perspective.

Video and more details below on fund managers study


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It’s written by Richard Taffler, a Professor of Finance at Warwick Business School, and David Tuckett, a psychoanalyst, and Visiting Professor at University College London.

They were fascinated in what made fund managers tick.

Their study, surprisingly, is the first of its kind ever undertaken, and it provides a fascinating insight into an industry most people know very little about.

Impressed though the researchers were by the managers they interviewed, something quickly became very clear.

Fund managers are expected to achieve the impossible.

Of course, when managers do outperform for a number of years, it’s often not entirely down to skill. Perhaps understandably, the researchers found their interviewees tended to underplay the importance of luck.

That’s it for Part 1 of Fund Managers Uncovered. Join us again for Part 2.