Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan says return in Egypt unrealistic – INTERVIEW

Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan says return in Egypt unrealistic – INTERVIEW
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By Saif Eldin Hamdan  AMMAN, Nov 24 (Aswat Masriya) A Muslim Brotherhood senior member residing in Jordan said last week that the solution for Egypt’s current crisis must be political.

Zaki Bani Ersheid told Aswat Masriya that after “the army’s futile option failed, Egypt must search for a political solution to end the crisis.”

He doubted that the return of the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt is possible and denied that there is organizational cooperation between the Brotherhood in Egypt and Jordan.

“It is unrealistic for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to return to power,” he said.

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The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan issued a statement after the ouster of Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi, asking for the return of popular legitimacy.

Bani Ersheid said that one of the mistakes committed by the Brotherhood was that it failed to include youth groups and the opposition.

He added however that the mistakes were not grave enough for the response of a military coup, explaining that Mursi’s achievements were downplayed by the media which the Mursi administration failed to reform.

The Brotherhood member argued that the deep state’s resistance stood in the way of any development under the Mursi administration.

He accused Gulf countries of supporting the “coup” to prevent Egypt from being an inspiration to other countries in the region, pointing to Egyptian efforts in the Palestinian cause.

“The coup is an experience in the life of the Egyptian revolution, but it’s not the end,” Bani Ersheid said.

He added that the Brotherhood’s ouster from power in Egypt resulted in attacks against the group in Jordan with some calling for its dissolution and describing it as illegal.

He explained that the group would not lose anything in Jordan as it does not occupy any leading or trivial positions in government, but warned that such attempts could lead to violence.

A statement by Jordan’s Brotherhood in September denounced the state’s decision to dissolve the group in Egypt, but said it would not intervene or fight someone else’s battles.

Bani Ersheid added that one of the lessons learnt in Egypt is that the people should not rule out any possibility and should prepare for all scenarios, including the worst.

He stressed on the importance of national unity, referring to as a responsibility, and explained that the group in Jordan has not prepared an initiative related to Egypt as the army is not politically “mature” enough to accept suggestions.


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