From The Archives: Alice Schroeder Savages Buffett



Alice Schroeder criticizes the deity, Warren Buffett:

I recommend Snowball, Ms. Schroeder’s book on Buffett. I also think she points out several inconsistencies in Mr. Buffett’s public pronouncements on taxes and public policy. For example, how can Mr. Buffett be aware of the pernicious ravages of inflation upon investors yet not speak out against the Fed’s bail-outs and huge increases in money aggregates? What would Mr. Buffett’s father think–a Libertarian Senator who believed in the classical gold standard? Why wouldn’t he be for tremoving the power of fiat money from the government since the dollar has lost 96% of its value since the Fed;s creation in 1913? He knows the abuses of the printing press. Though, I do not agree with all her comments in this article. Learn from Mr. Buffett’s discussions about investing and business, then disregard the rest.

Also, disagreement, criticism and discussion are what helped to establish this country.

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