Apple Store App For iPad Released

Apple Store App For iPad Released

iPad app offers uniquely-tailored options

Now iPad users can shop the official Apple Store with ease thanks to the new application tailored specifically for iPad tablets. This app is different from its iPhone app counterpart and offers unique features that utilize the iPad’s larger screen to the fullest.

Users can change the number of products related to a particular category shown on the screen simply by pinching in/out. The app also includes a “Now Trending” section with an impressive list of products that are currently popular. The popularity factor is determined by what users purchase, review, or share on social media. Another distinct feature on this new app is a map view of the retail store that shows nearby locations.

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Overall, the sections for major Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) product categories are similar to what you would expect. Just tap on any category and you will see a page that looks a lot like something you would see on Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s official website. Tap on an individual product and you’re presented with a page that shows side-scrolling information on every detail of the product. Tech Crunch goes more into detail about the feature.

TechCrunch weighs in

“Where things start to get interesting is the way that the app handles context on the individual item purchase page. When you’re presented with an item selection screen on the iPad, for instance, you’ve got color, storage and connectivity sections, as well as specs, box contents and warranty info. If you tap on a color, you see the color options in the right-hand pane (or top pane in vertical mode). Tapping on storage gives you a contextually aware pane on the right that explains the size choice and why you might pick one over another. The same goes for WiFi or cellular options.”

Overall the app provides a more pleasant shopping experience than you would find on the web.

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