Apple Inc. (AAPL) Retina iPad Mini Now Available Online, Requires Personal Pickup


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPad Mini with Retina display is now available online through Apple’s store website. Customers can now purchase the tablet and pick it up at an Apple retail store instead of waiting for it to be shipped.

Apple Insider reported, “Spot checks of Apple retail stores in the eastern time zone indicate that the company has not yet seeded its first-party retail network with supplies of the hotly anticipated slate. Employees at some stores told AppleInsider that they did not know when inventory would arrive and recommended ordering online as the quickest way to obtain a device, while others suggested that stock will arrive in the next few days.”

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Apple has yet to share the number of iPad Air sales

Right now the new iPad Mini 2 tablet available exclusively via Apple’s Personal Pickup service.

The second generation iPad Mini was unveiled at last month’s event in San Francisco when it was released with the iPad Air. The latter went on sale in early November and drew a line of fans at the stores, however despite reports of strong sales Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has yet to share its internal numbers. The company has also remained quiet on the pending release of the iPad Mini 2. It was reported to be released sometime in November.

iPad Mini with Retina display will be a big seller

Apple initially introduced the smaller tablet computer last year as a cheaper alternative to the larger iPad. As expected, it was a huge seller and it’s likely that iPad Mini with Retina display will be a big seller.

Philip Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Apple, explained in marketing release, “The response to iPad Air has been incredible, and we’re excited for customers to experience the new iPad mini with retina display. We think customers will love both of these thin, light, powerful new iPads, and we’re working hard to get as many as we can in the hands of our customers.”

Time will tell if Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) can meet up with the demand for the new tablet computers. Tim Cook stated during a recent earnings call that the iPad Mini 2 may not be available for customers who want it this holiday season.