Finally! How To Zoom In On Instagram Photos On iPhone

Instagram has become so popular that many people regularly post photos on it, and then share the same on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. However, if there’s one thing that we’d like on Instagram, it’s a way to zoom in on a photo. Unfortunately, Instagram does not let you pinch to zoom, and therefore there’s no way to zoom in.

Finally! How To Zoom In On Instagram Photos On iPhone

Zooming in option on Instagram

While there’s no official way to look closer at an image, there’s a workaround for zooming in on Instagram if you’re on an iPhone.

There’s an option on iPhone which lets you zoom in on Instagram or any other app or screen. Think of this method as a universal method to zoom in on your iPhone.

Head over to Settings > General > Accessibility and from the Vision section, tap on Zoom. This will open the Zoom screen from where you need to toggle on the switch.


As the option says, zoom magnifies the entire screen and here’s how you can use it:

Double-tap with three fingers to zoom. Once you’re zoomed-in, you can drag three fingers to move around the screen. Double-tap again with three fingers to return to the normal zoom level on your iPhone.

As stated above, this accessibility setting is applied across the entire system, and some of you might not want to do it. In such a case, you can take a screenshot of the Instagram’s photo page by pressing the Sleep button and Home button simultaneously. The screenshot can then be viewed from the Photos app and naturally from there you can pinch to zoom.

With this method, we’ve solved a major annoyance on Instagram. Use this workaround to zoom-in, until an official method arrives in the future (though we doubt that will ever happen).

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