YouTube Working For Some In Pakistan

YouTube Working For Some In Pakistan
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There have been some reports claiming that YouTube is unblocked in Pakistan and users, in some of the areas, are able to access the site. Previously, one of the sites also claimed that users were able to access YouTube using ‘https’ protocol.YouTube Working For Some In Pakistan

However, officially there have been no words on YouTube getting unblocked in the country. But the messages posted on social media sites, including Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter, suggest that in some areas, the service can be availed.

YouTube was accessible for some time

On the biggest social networking site, Facebook, users have been posting messages indicating that YouTube is working for them.

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A post from one of the users read, “it is accessible in every city of pak but what u need to do is that u change ur dns to google dns and write Note: its https not http. If u will open with http it wont work.”

One user said using ‘https’ might help: “Some ISP supports YouTube With httpS..!!”

Some of the users observed that YouTube was accessible for some time, but then it got banned again.

“Was working but then gone banned again,” read one of the posts.

Is YouTube unblocking officially?

On Twitter also, users have been posting tweets about YouTube being accessible to some.

One of the tweets said “so #youtube is re-opened in #Pakistan – ? atleast i am able to browse the site without restriction.”

Many users were happy with YouTube being accessible, but at the same, were concerned as to how long they will be able to use the service.

“Is #youtube officially restored in Pakistan or the PTA have missed something from their daily morning routine.”

“#Youtube is working absolutely fine here today. So, is it officially back in #Pakistan?”

Pakistani government was also planning to lift the ban

Last week, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rashid said that the government has decided ‘in principle’ to unblock YouTube, as the site is an important source of knowledge for students. However, the minister said that objectionable content on the site should be blocked.

In Pakistan, YouTube was blocked in September 2012 after the American company refused to remove a controversial video called ‘Innocence of Muslims’ that went viral in the country.

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