Time To Drown Windows RT in the Bathtub?

Time To Drown Windows RT in the Bathtub?
Time to Drown Windows RT in the Bathtub? (via slashdot)

Over the weekend, numerous Windows RT users complained to Microsoft that the operating system’s 8.1 update had resulted in the infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). “Microsoft is investigating a situation affecting a limited number of users updating…

Hedge Funds Earn Their Fees In 2020 With Big Profits

valuewalk Q4 2020 hedge fund letters to investorsHedge funds have been one of the big winners of 2020. Funds and their managers have faced criticism over the past decade for failing to match the broader market's performance, despite their higher fees and the advantages they claimed to have over other market participants. Q3 2020 hedge fund letters, conferences and more However, over Read More

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