Shooting At Federal Building In Wheeling Virginia

Shooting At Federal Building In Wheeling Virginia

A man opened fire at the Wheeling Federal Building in Wheeler Virginia this afternoon according to reports from local media. The man involved in the shooting may have been involved in an earlier shooting at the local YWCA according to eyewitnesses on the scene.

Shooting At Federal Building In Wheeling Virginia

A witness on the scene said that the shooter fired on the Federal Building from the Chase bank parking lot across the road. The police have not yet identified the man who shot at the Federal Building in the town. The white male, who was seen by eyewitnesses, was standing near a silver or gold SUV.

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Wheeler shooting

A local store manager, quoted on, said that it sounded like the shooter was using two different guns. The store manager said that the sound of the guns made it seem like there were two different models in use. A security guard at the Wheeler building received injuries in the course of the shooting, and some reports indicate that at least one other man was shot during the course of the incident.

The shooting at the Federal Building in Wheeler follows last week’s shooting in Washington DC. There have been no updates about the identity of the shooter or the reasons for the incident, but we will update as soon as information becomes available.

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