Samsung Galaxy S5 May Have Screen Similar To Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy S5 May Have Screen Similar To Galaxy Note 3
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The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone may have a screen similar to Galaxy Note 3. It’s reported that Samsung is mass producing flexible screens that could be used for Samung’s next flagship phone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 May Have Screen Similar To Galaxy Note 3

Predictions for Samsung Galaxy S5 release

The Galaxy S5 is predicted to be introduced in March 2014 and subsequently released in April. There are also rumors that the S5 will make an appearance at the Mobile World Congress event early next year. The Galaxy S5 is expected to feature an improved processor, Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, IGZO screen technology from Sharp, fingerprint sensor, and 4K screen resolution. Unfortunately, it’s some of the possible Galaxy S5 features that could potentially disappoint buyers. International Business Times reports, “The main thing that may disappoint the consumers is that the much awaited features like 64-bit processor,Android 4.4 KitKat and fingerprint sensor may not be included in the list of most probable Samsung Galaxy S5. There are still issues in the production of such features and may arrive to the Galaxy Note 4 instead the Galaxy S5.”

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The Galaxy S4 was introduced earlier this year and although it’s a big seller, many were still disappointed with the fact that it was essentially a repeat of the Galaxy S3. Fans wanted and expected something different. Hopefully, the South Korean tech giant will give their phone a much-needed makeover. Technology is always changing and it’s crucial for smartphone makers to stay on top. Even Apple, who recently released the iPhone 5S, made a few impressive changes for their upgrade. The phone now comes in three colors, including luxurious gold. The iPhone also features a fingerprint sensor for added protection. Perhaps Samsung will learn a few things from Apple to ensure they stay in the lead.

It won’t be long before the Samsung Galaxy S5 is introduced to the public.

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