Samsung Galaxy S5 To Be Released In January [REPORT]

Samsung Galaxy S5 To Be Released In January [REPORT]
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Thanks to the slow sales of the Galaxy S4 smartphone, a new rumor points towards a much earlier release date for the Galaxy S5. Naver, a Korean tech site, speculates the next Galaxy smartphone will hit stores in January. Originally, it was rumored that the Galaxy would debut in March and hit stores in April.

Samsung Galaxy S5 To Be Released In January [REPORT]

Samsung Galaxy S5 features

What else can we expect from Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone? It could feature a 16-megapixel camera and optical image stabilization. Other possible features could include a Samsung Exynos processor and eight-core chip. The Galaxy S5 might also feature a waterproof and dust-resistant design. A more exciting possibility for the next generation of Galaxy S phones would be a metal design. Gotta Be Mobile explained, “We’ve also heard that Samsung is planning a metal design for the Galaxy S5 on multiple occasions and scattered reports that the company is experimenting with a flexible display for the device. The Samsung Galaxy Round is Samsung’s first smartphone with a flexible display offering a rounded screen. Samsung previously showed off other ways a screen like this could fit into a smartphone, with a curved edge to show notifications while an S-View Flip Cover was on the device, which would make more sense for a mass-market device.”

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Of course, all of these reports are mere rumors and nothing has been confirmed yet.

Samsung Apple competition

Samsung is Apple’s biggest competitor in the smartphone market. And although the S4 smartphone didn’t sell as many as Samsung would have liked, it didn’t fare too badly either as 20 million devices sold within the first two months. Understandably, the South Korean tech giant wants to do better than that and this should give them the opportunity to do so.

It’s still highly unlikely Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S5 as early as January, especially if they want to improve their smartphone.

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