Samsung Galaxy S5 New Concept Design That Looks Like iPhone 6

We’ve been seeing many different ideas and concept designs for the iPhone 6, which isn’t likely to debut for at least a year from now, but what about the Galaxy S5? A cool concept design recently showed up for the latter. The interesting thing about this particular concept idea is that it looks a lot like the iPhone 6 concept.

Samsung Galaxy S5 New Concept Design That Looks Like iPhone 6

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept

It’s not too surprising that the concept design looks a lot like the concept design for it’s top competitor, especially given the rumors of a curved design.

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It’s evident that the Galaxy S5 will be a huge topic during next year’s CES, an event which shows the technology for mobile gadgets. This will be where tech fans find out what to expect from the upcoming Samsung smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors

It’s rumored that the next great Android smartphone will feature a flexible display with a touchscreen wrapped around the edges and a waterproof aluminum body. Designers also mentioned two possible operating systems: Android and TouchWiz. Tekrieg added, “Samsung did say that they would show off a radical design; however we think this concept is too radical. We do understand why they may have gone for the device. This is thanks to the flexible display, which people have said we could see arrive on a device this year. However, production issues put this to an end.”

Only time will reveal when Samsung unveils the next generation of Galaxy smartphones. Now that the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are available to the public, all eyes are on the Galaxy S5, which will likely arrive sometime early next year. The smartphone industry is tough. With dozens and dozens of phones on the market, there are only a few phones that really capture everyone’s attention. It takes a lot to make a great phone, but it takes even more to market a phone that everyone wants.