Nexus 5 Gets Leaked In A Full 7-Minute Video

Nexus 5 Gets Leaked In A Full 7-Minute Video
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Like Apple and other companies, Google can’t keep a secret. Google’s much anticipated product, the Nexus 5, after getting many photo leaks, has finally also been leaked in a full seven minutes hands-on video. If a picture says thousand words then a video speaks perhaps ten thousand words.

Nexus 5 Gets Leaked In A Full 7-Minute Video

What’s special about this video is that it is not just another video in low-quality where details are scarce. In fact, this video is crystal clear in quality and can even be watched in full HD. If you really want to know how this device looks prior to its official launch, then you should definitely watch this video.

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The video is posted by the French site as it has this URL written all over it. If we look closer at the video, then we can find that the phone is missing the Nexus logo from the rear of it, and the camera area is different too, something that we’re not accustomed to. Because of this, it’s fine to assume that this is some kind of early handset or perhaps a prototype. It can be conjectured that this is not the exact model that Google will be announcing in the next few days.

The About screen shows that the device is running Key Lime Pie, which is a name that Google used internally, which then became Android 4.4 KitKat. Google has successfully kept the name “KitKat” hidden from the eyes of everyone, until it is officially announced.

Nexus 5 and the Android KitKat will be announced on October 15th

For now, some rumors claim that both the Nexus 5 and the Android KitKat will be announced on October 15th. Even if it is not announced on this date, there’s a high possibility that the OS and the new offering from Google will be revealed by the end of this month.

So go ahead, and feast your eyes with the Nexus 5 hands-on video that’s hot on the web right now. Seeing an unreleased product before its official announcement sounds exciting, right?

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