Millington Naval Base Shooting: 2 Shot [REPORT]

Local media is now reporting that the Millington Naval Base shooting happened just outside the base this afternoon. According to New York Daily News, it was the result of a scuffle among National Guardsmen. One of the three men allegedly pulled a gun and started shooting. He allegedly hit one man in the foot and the other in the leg. It is unclear if the scuffle was the result of the alleged shooter being let go from his job near the base. Reports just minutes ago suggested that the gunman was a disgruntled employee who had just lost his job there.

U.S. Navy officials confirm that they do have the gunman in custody and that this is no longer an active situation.


We’ve heard that the two victims reported in the Millington Naval Base shooting are in non-critical condition, according to local media on the scene. Matt Gerien of My Fox Memphis reports that the shooter is in custody. His sources told him that the shooter was an employee of the base who was let go today. The person allegedly returned to their vehicle to get a gun, picked up and then began shooting.

At this point reports from the naval base say that they are still on lockdown.


A shooting has been reported near Millington Naval Base in Tennessee. WREG News Channel 3 in Memphis, Tenn. Reports that at least two people have been injured there. The news station lists the exact location of the shooting as the Army National Guard recruiting center, which is close to the naval base. It says “multiple ambulances” are on the scene.

Millington Naval Base Shooting: 2 Shot [REPORT]

Navy confirms “incident” at Millington

On its Twitter feed, the U.S. Navy has confirmed an “incident” near its Naval Support Activity Midsouth in Millington. That’s the Millington Naval Base. The Navy said it would provide more information soon.

WCMTV reports that the naval base is on lock down currently.

This story is developing. We will provide more updates as soon as information becomes available.