Jeff Gundlach: America Losing its Credibility

Jeff Gundlach: America Losing its Credibility
Jeff Gundlach with permission from Double-line Capital

Jeff Gundlach: America Losing its Credibility

Jeffrey Gundlach, CEO and Founder of DoubleLine, weighs in on the credit markets as the dollar index is “pushed to a new low.”

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let’s bring in jeffrey gundlach, money manager of the year this year by institutional investor. jeffrey, nice to have you back on squawk on the street. david, it’s good to be back with you, again. glad to hear that. jeffrey just give me your take simply on the credibility of the united states, and the credit of the united states whether, in fact, it has been impacted over the long-term by the events of the last three weeks? i think it kind of slowly keeps eroding in the wrong direction. it feels like we’re in that movie ground hogg day, doesn’t it? the last five months have just been such a weird ride and it looks like it’s going to be coming up again in just a few more months. you can see that the u.s. color is now the color index the dxy is pushed to a new low with some momentum.

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