Ever thought that a simple mobile app can check your car’s tire pressure? Well, if you’ve got an iPhone, then here’s an app to do just that! Best of all, this is a free app, which means you won’t need to shell out even a single penny.

iPhone app hat allows you to check tire pressure

Enter TireCheck, an iPhone app that allows you to check tire pressure in a contactless manner—all you need is an iPhone and this app.

This iPhone App Checks Your Car's Tire Pressure

It happens that many times we don’t have knowledge of the tire pressure, but just to check the tire pressure, the car needs to be taken to the nearby gas station or mechanic. This app is a life saver in such conditions, but how accurate it is still needs to be seen. Since this app is just based on the camera, it needs to be seen how well it performs.

There are many reasons why you should use this app. Because with proper tire pressure, you’ll be driving a fuel efficient vehicle, and along with it comes road safety benefits for you and your family. It evens calculates how much fuel you’re wasting due to inflated or under-inflated tires.

As said already, this is a free app right now. Head over to the App Store and get it for your iPhone.

Install TireCheck for iOS