iPhone 6 Reasons To Wait: Release Date, Price, Rumors

iPhone 6 Reasons To Wait: Release Date, Price, Rumors
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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) only just released the iPhone 5s a couple of weeks ago and sales have been phenomenal. There are consumers out there wondering if now is the time to upgrade to the latest iPhone. The iPhone 5s is in the end a small upgrade. Many consumers will want to wait for the iPhone 6 and there’s many reasons why.

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iPhone 6 Reasons To Wait: Release Date, Price, Rumors

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) generally releases its iPhones for two years and gives some specs a boost in the second year. This is what the iPhone 5s is. The iPhone 6 will be a completely new offering from the company, and it might well be the best smart phone ever made. There isn’t all that much information about the iPhone 6 out there yet.

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iPhone 6 release date and price

Two of the biggest reasons customers should wait for the iPhone 6 are the release date and the price. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is behind the curve on a lot of specs popular with consumers at the moment and the iPhone 6 is expected to help the company reassert its position.

That means that the iPhone 6 release date may be sooner than most think. Some analysts think that Apple will shorten this upgrade cycle and put the iPhone 6 release date in June of 2014. If the iPhone 6 release date is that soon consumers should wait for the boost in specs alone.

The iPhone 6 price is likely to be the same as the iPhone 5s, but there are a couple of factors at play. If the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) decision to not release a cheap iPhone backfires the company may release a cheap iPhone 6 next year. Customers should wait and see if the iPhone 6 price is going to be lower than the iPhone 5s before buying.

iPhone 6 features to wait for

The iPhone 5s added a huge range of powerful features after being upgraded to a 64 bit processor. The iPhone 6 will be even more powerful. The device will also likely have a larger screen and it will have a more powerful camera. The iPhone 6 is also going to have a couple of surprise features, like many of the iPhones before.

That means the model will be very popular and fans of the iPhone 6 may have to start queuing weeks in advance in order to get their hands on the piece of equipment.

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