How To Improve iPhone Call Quality On iOS 7

How To Improve iPhone Call Quality On iOS 7

iPhone is not just a smartphone, it has become a companion for many. People can’t live without their iPhones these days, but like all technology, the iPhone has some faults that can’t be ignored. The good thing is that there are workarounds and fixes that can be made to the device. This time we’re talking about improving the call quality on iPhones if you’re on iOS 7.

If you have noticed that when you’re having a conversation on your iPhone in a noisy environment, sometimes the other party cannot understand what you’re trying to say. The background noise might be too much and because of that, there’s a problem in the conversation. This might also lead to embarrassing situations sometimes.

This problem is solved in many smartphones in the form of a second noise cancellation microphone that’s present in the device. If you’re using iPhone and running on iOS 7, then here’s a way to enable the phone’s noise cancellation for better call quality. Here’s how it’s done:

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Step 1: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility.


Step 2: Under Hearing, you’ll see an option for Phone Noise Cancellation. Enable this option. Now reboot your device.

The procedure is this simple, and now the second mic for noise cancellation would work at higher sensitivity rate as compared to before. Less background noise to the call recipient means better conversation.

Let us know your thoughts about this option in the comments below. Does it made any difference to you?

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