How To Hide Your Profile on Facebook After New Settings


This week Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) reminded users that it is disabling a key feature many found to be helpful. It is a privacy setting which enabled users to hide their profile from search results so that they couldn’t be found by those running a search on Facebook. The social network disabled it for people who weren’t using it a while back, but now it is disabling the setting for everyone. Thankfully though, there are some ways to deal with the fact that another layer of privacy on Facebook has been peeled away.

How To Hide Your Profile on Facebook After New Settings

How to fake out Facebook

CNET’s Jason Cipriani provides some suggestions for users of Facebook.

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One of the easiest ways to dodge users you don’t want to connect with is to use a fake name or some variation of your name. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) requires you to use the name that’s on your identification and credit cards, but he notes that there really isn’t anyone to check that you’re doing it. However, you also have to ask yourself if it’s worth the risk to have your account shut down because you are using a fake name.

Controlling your Facebook settings

What’s even more important is that users learn how to use what privacy settings exist on Facebook to their fullest. There’s a privacy setting for every status that’s shared on the social network. Every time you post a status, it’s important to check this setting and make sure that it hasn’t defaulted to Public. The setting is in the bottom right corner of the status box.

When it comes to things you posted in the past on Facebook, you’ll have to go to your account settings to set the limit for audience on your past posts. Just change the setting to “Limit Old Posts.”

Other tips for Facebook privacy

Another big way you might be easily identified is by your photo. One way to avoid people identifying you is to use a photo of something you’re known for but that doesn’t show your face. Those you know will be able to easily identify you, while those who don’t know you or haven’t spoken to you in 20 years will be left in the dark, especially if your name is one that’s more common.

It is also possible to block people from seeing your profile completely, but you have to block them individually by name or email address. Just remember though, that if you’ve considered setting up a fake account, then others might too, especially if they really want to see what you’re sharing.

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