Issue XIX of Graham & Doddsville Newsletter, Columbia Business School’s student-led investment newsletter, co-sponsored by the Heilbrunn Center and the Columbia Student Investment Management Association is now out. This issue features interviews with Guy Spier of Aquamarine Capital as well as Dave Robertson and Steve Feilmeier of Koch Industries. The publication also includes student pitches for Homex (HMX), Wabash National Corporation (WNC), and Active Network, Inc. (ACTV).

Guy Spier is the founder and managing partner of Aquamarine Capital, an investment partnership styled
after the original 1950’s Buffett partnerships. In 2008 Mr. Spier, along with Mohnish Pabrai, had lunch with
Warren Buffett after submitting the winning bid for Buffett’s annual Glide charity auction. Mr. Spier
completed his undergraduate studies at Oxford and earned an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

Graham and Doddsville (G&D): How did you first become interested in investing? What drew you in and what keeps you going?

Guy Spier (GS): I guess there are some natural proclivities that I have. One is that I don’t like managing people and I’m really bad at executing on stuff. Getting Mr. Guy Spier to have the ambition of building Starbucks like Howard Schultz did would never happen. Guy would still be running some crummy coffee shop because I’m just not very good at execution. I know that I’m an extrovert, I enjoy meeting people but on

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Graham & Doddsville – Issue 19 – Fall 2013 – Final

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 19 – Fall 2013 – Final by