Google Purchased FlexyCore Android Optimizer For $23 Million

Google Purchased FlexyCore Android Optimizer For $23 Million
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Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) recently purchased FlexyCore, an optimizer that will likely improve Android. The company purchased the French start-up company for a cool $23 million. DroidBooster was since removed from the Google Play store.

Google Purchased FlexyCore Android Optimizer For $23 Million

Google’s Flexycore acquisition

FlexyCore was originally founded about five years ago. It was a tool designed to optimize Android’s performance and improve it for manufacturers and carriers. This would enable customers to improve the overall functionality of Android. Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) confirmed the purchase to GigaOm. The statement explained, “The FlexyCore team has strong expertise in building software to optimize Android device performance, and we think they’d be a great fit with our team.”

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There isn’t a whole lot more reported on the deal, but it should make Android’s operating system run smoother. Tech Crunch goes further into detail about FlexyCore, saying, “The technology was being targeted by FlexyCore at both high and low end devices, citing handset makers’ ability to introduce new Android features or extend existing ones. It was also being pitched as a way to bring “high end performance to low end devices”, enabling Android to “break into the mass market”, which of course it has since done. However, an essential growth market for Google’s OS is emerging markets, and anything that can push high end performance to ever lower price points is bound to ring the cash registers at Mountain View.”

Emergys backing Flexycore

Emergys, a state-backed company from France, initially supported FlexyCore. The company also raised 1.5 million Euros from VC Sochrastem.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is a large company that’s constantly making expansions and shuttering other services all in hopes to keep the company afloat. Android is a huge money maker for Google, just like the iPhone and iPad are for Apple. Mobile technology is growing at a fast rate and Android is a big player in the market; everything Google can do to advance their place in the mobile market.

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