Google Hangouts Now Adds SMS Support

Google is enhancing their Google Hangouts service with a variety of new features including location sharing, and SMS support.

Google Hangouts Now Adds SMS Support

This app now allows users to post their location to other users with a red pin icon that’s located in the bottom right-hand corner on the Hangouts mobile application. This also features SMS support, which allows Hangouts to be the default application for both instant messaging and SMS.

Google’s addition of SMS is key feature

Brad Molen for Engadgets elaborated, “While support for animated GIFs is sure to send the BuzzFeed faithful into a tizzy, it’s SMS integration that’s the truly major news. The feature was rumored to be coming in Android 4.4, which we already know will include support for changing the default SMS handler. Now you’ll no longer have to use the separate SMS application included on your phone, text messages will simply be delivered to Hangouts the same way instant messages are.”

It’s still unknown how to integrate Google Voice with the message platform.

Google Hangouts to improve further

Google Hangouts is getting more upgrades that go beyond the mobile application. The search/mobile operating system giant is enhancing the video with ‘auto-magic’. If someone participating in a Hangout changes position to right in front of the window where the light creates a head-shaped silhouette, the app will adjust brightness level and contrast automatically. Video internet calls will default to high-definition for both mobile devices and desktop computers.

Google Hangouts is a social platform that has multiple uses including instant messaging, video calls, voice calls, group conversations, and live-streams of On-Air hangouts. It’s also part of Google+, which is their social media website. It’s evident that Google is a strong player in both social and mobile media. The enhancements will only benefit them in the long run. In the near future, we can expect even more improvements in the near future.