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Galaxy S5 To Feature 16MP Camera From Samsung Or Sony

Samsung’s next great smartphone, the Galaxy S5, may feature a 16-megapixel camera. The one thing that hasn’t been resolved yet is whether they will supply their own camera or have Sony supply them.

Currently, Sony already supplies the Samsung Galaxy S4 with the 13-megapixel camera sensor and the iPhone 5S with the 8-megapixel camera sensor, which is roughly 15 percent larger than the camera found on the iPhone 5.

Creating own camera would be advantageous

That’s not to say that Samsung doesn’t have an advantage to producing a camera. Since it’s already a conglomerate of Samsung, it would be cheaper and offer more flexibility. Tech Radar added, “More than any overhead-related perk, though, Samsung has the advantage of ISOCELL. ISOCELL is supposed to substantially increase light sensitivity and offer higher color fidelity even in poor lighting conditions. That’s pretty much half of the photos taken with smartphone cameras these days. The first Samsung image sensor with ISOCELL is the S5K4H5YB, which is being planned for the end of the year. It’s only 8 megapixels, so the company would need to double its efforts rather quickly.”

Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone has a lot of tech fans

The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone has a lot of tech fans wondering what to expect. Another recent rumor speculates the S5 will be made of plastic. Although the company’s top rivals (namely Apple and HTC) use premium materials to create their phones, Samsung appears to be content with plastic. SamsungS5Info predicts the highly anticipated phone will feature a plastic body rather than aluminum body. If this rumor is true, many Galaxy fans may be disappointed as they were hoping for more upscale looking device.

The South Korean tech giant’s number one competitor will continue to trail blaze the market whether or nor Samsung steps up their game. Of course, these are just rumors and nothing has yet to be confirmed. Hopefully, Samsung will catch up to competition.