Facebook Inc (FB) Earnings Specifics: 500M Daily Mobile Users

As my colleague Paul Shey reported earlier today, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) blew analysts’ expectations out of the water today when the company reported earnings per share of $0.25. The company has rebounded nothing short of spectacularly well since its IPO issues and the company has seen its shares rise over 85% since the beginning of the year. While some might argue that Facebook has seen its best days, few offer any real competition when it comes to social networking. Sure, LinkedIn, Google +, and Twitter are formidable in their own right, but Facebook remains the king of the hill.

Facebook Inc (FB) Earnings Specifics: 500M Daily Mobile Users

In addition to the aforementioned earnings, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) also reported revenues in excess of $2 billion for the quarter and is showing signs that it is holding its own in mobile use. Mobile is the future for both Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and others, and the company is well poised to exploit this transition.

Facebook weathers transition to mobile

In its report, released after-market today, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) showed strong resilience as its users shift to mobile.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) showed that overall use of its platform is up to 1.19 billion people when monthly active users are used as a guideline. This number is up over 18% from this time last year. While that may not seem like much, it’s important to remember that a good portion of the world remains unconnected from the Internet and reaching two billion won’t have nearly as much to do with Facebook’s appeal as simple connectivity issues.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is also claiming that 728 million people are using the site on a daily basis. This number is up 25% from last year.

Mobile numbers key for future potential

The real measure of Facebook’s mobile customers is monthly active user ship which is up significantly from last year. 874 million people use Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) on their mobile devices each month with the majority (507 million) visiting the site on a mobile device each day. The former represents a 45% increase from this time last year.

In addition to this sea change regarding Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users’ connection preferences is the fact that Facebook’s marketing staff has been quick to embrace this migration. At present, Facebook has seen its advertising revenue on mobile come in at 49%. Quite simply, it shows that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) was ready for this shift and is going out of its way to embrace mobile advertising revenue. While one might find the ads annoying as you browse the site on a smartphone, it doesn’t change the fact that Facebook knows that mobile is the future and the future is now.