Einhorn, Kuhn, Rogers, Gabelli Texas Holdem Tournament

Einhorn, Kuhn, Rogers, Gabelli Texas Holdem Tournament

Oct. 23 (Bloomberg) — “Poker Night On Wall Street”: Coming Wednesday October 23rd. David Einhorn (Greenlight Capital), Jim Chanos (Kynikos Associates) Steve Kuhn (Pine River Investments),  John Rogers (Ariel Investments), Mario Gabelli (Gabelli Asset Management), and Bill Perkins (Skylar Capital), (who beat Einhorn at the World Series of Poker Tournament) also join Chanos and Einhorn at the table. Bloomberg TV’s Trish Regan hosts.

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The live video feed of the tournament as well as our notes on the big hands can be found below. So far one player has been eliminated who is it?

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Einhorn, Kuhn, Rogers, Gabelli Texas Holdem Tournament

Half of money goes to players’ charity, the other part goes to a pooled charity.

Einhorn is playing for Michael J. Fox due to the suffering he saw his grandfather go through with parkinsons.

Kuhn is playing for the Robin Hood foundation.

The game is now starting, Chanos has Queen, Jack offsuit. Chanos ups the ante, Gabelli calls. Gabelli now has a straight, Chanos is losing will he call?

Gabelli in the lead with $56,000, Gabelli has $48,000.

Einhorn has six, seven suited and Perkins 10, queen offsuit. Einhorn has a flush and Perkins has almost nothing. Perkins folds bluff and Einhorn wins. Einhorn says that Poker is like stocks, when you invest over a long time skill dominates, so too with Poker.

New hand

Einhorn goes all in with pocket queens. Rogers has ace, queen. On the River an Ace comes so Rogers wins by a hair. Einhorn loses about half his chips.

New hand

Einhorn goes all in with Ace, six against Gabelli’s pocket queens. Gabelli calls, and Gabelli needs an Ace. Now Einhorn needs an Ace or Six. Einhorn is the first eliminated. He played well but had bad luck in this event.

New Hand

Kuhn goes all in with Ace, Ten, Gabelli folds before the flop.

Kuhn does another all in before the flop and wins. Kuhn has been playing poker since he was 12, but the ultimate game for him is being a hedge fund manager. Kuhn plans to match and donate with his own money to the Robin Hood Foundation if Kuhn wins tonight.


Gabelli has a flush and wins the pot against Rogers. Gabelli considers himself an under-dog tonight.


Gabelli pocket twos and Chanos has an Ace and Six. Chanos has few thousand chips left and calls on Gabelli. On the turn an Ace comes and now Chanos is winning, he goes all in. Gabelli calls and Chanos gets another Ace to win.

Steve Kuhn now is the leader with $101k chips.

Perkins goes all in with Ace, Five offsuit, Kuhn has a pair of threes and he calls. Gabelli calls with Ace, Ten and Perkins gets a lucky five. Gabelli is out and Perkins takes the lead.


Perkins goes all in with Ace, Five offsuit, Chanos has king queen calls. Chanos has queen and king and Chanos wins huge pot and takes the chip lead.

John Rogers is down to just $5K chips. He says he started investing in high school. Rogers says you need to creative in both poker and investing.

Chanos talks about his China shorts at the Poker table. Rogers goes all in with a Queen, but Chanos wins on the river with a lucky eight.

Down to final three with Kuhn, Chanos and Perkins. Chanos beats Perkins on the river, now its Chanos versus Kuhn. Miracle House versus Robin Hood (in terms of charities).


Big pot Kuhn has triple Aces, Chanos just has an Ace. Chanos is raising and it looks like it is impossible to win for him. Chanos bets on the river and Kuhn goes all in. Chanos calls and loses. Now Kuhn has a big lead.


Kuhn in with 10, 3, and Chanos has jack, three suited. Flop doesn’t help anyone. No one gets any help from the River so Chanos survives with Jack high


Chanos has Jack, Queen and goes all in. Kuhn has Six, Seven. Kuhn calls and Chanos wins again and survives catching up though.


Kuhn has ace, king goes all in Chanos calls with queen, five. Kuhn looks like he will win this. King and Ace comes and now the river… Steve Kuhn is the winner.

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