Facebook has started to roll out an update for its Android app that allows you to edit posts and comments right from the app. No longer do you need to wait until you’re in front of a computer to do such a simple task. The update should have been rolled out to you by now, allowing you to edit posts and comments from your Android smartphone or tablet. If you’ve not received the update, then head over to the Play Store and check for it.

Edit comments on Facebook

So, without any further ado, let’s first learn how to edit comments on Facebook for Android. Of course, you can edit comments only that are posted by you.

To edit a comment, simply tap on the comment that you want to edit and then choose “Edit comment.” Once you’ve edited the comment, tap on the “Update” button. That’s all you need to do!

Facebook -edit

On the other hand, to edit a post, tap on the small down-arrow button from the top-right of your post and then choose the “Edit post” option. After editing the comment, tap the “Save” button. However, note that when you edit a post, Facebook shows an “Edited” label for that post, informing every user who you’ve shared the post with that the post has been edited. Anyone can view the edit history to know what text was changed to what.


So that’s how you can easily edit a post and comment on Facebook’s Android app. No more do we need to fear from autocorrects, thanks to Facebook’s new offering.