Carl Icahn Fires Back At Bill Gross, Suggests He Join Giving Pledge

Carl Icahn Fires Back At Bill Gross, Suggests He Join Giving Pledge
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Carl Icahn and Bill Gross are engaged in a Twitter war of sorts. Last week PIMCO’s Gross blasted Icahn via Twitter over Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), saying he should leave the company alone and spend more time like Bill Gates, who uses his time and money to help others. Today Icahn had some words for Gross on his Twitter account, but his words are similar to last week’s admission by Gross, also via Twitter.

Carl Icahn Fires Back At Bill Gross, Suggests He Join Giving Pledge

Gross versus Carl Icahn over Apple

Gross’ tweet last week was aimed at Carl Icahn’s push to get Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) to buy back $150 billion of its shares as soon as possible. He apparently thinks Icahn should quit meddling, and he’s not the only one. Business Insider’s Henry Blodget also disagrees with Icahn, who has hinted that he may begin a proxy battle with Apple if the company doesn’t bow to his demands.

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So just how cheap do you think the shots between Icahn and Gross will get? And will they ever return to the issue that started the personal attacks?

Carl Icahn tells Gross to be more like Gates

Carl Icahn’s tweet today read:

“If you really want to do good, why not join like Gates, I and many others have?”

It’s a good question from Carl Icahn, although Gross himself said last week via his own Twitter account after he blasted Icahn. He said that he also should spend more time like Bill Gates and that everyone should because he and his wife Melinda “are great paragons.”

The Giving Pledge is a challenge started by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, who urge the world’s wealthiest people to contribute at least half their wealth to charity, so Icahn’s reference makes sense. The question now is whether Gross will take his own advice about emulating the Gates couple. Undoubtedly if he does, Icahn might get some of the credit for pushing him over the edge, even though he himself started thinking about giving away more of his money before Icahn even mentioned it.

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