Bill Ackman Has Good Week, Up 2 Percent in Long Holdings

Bill Ackman Has Good Week, Up 2 Percent in Long Holdings

The Pershing Square manager, Bill Ackman, is our weekly gainer after his portfolio performed +1.93% this week. The investor managed to beat the S&P 500 (INDEXSP:.INX), which increased only +0.92%. These are the stocks with major allocation in Bill Ackman’s fund:

Bill Ackman Has Good Week, Up 2 Percent in Long Holdings

Bill Ackman’s stockholdings in Canadian Pacific

The Ackman’s favorite company is the transcontinental railway, Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (NYSE:CP) (TSE:CP). The stock represents 26.78% in the billionaire portfolio, which holds 24.1 million shares. Despite the today’s poorly performance (-0.85%), the company increased +4.23% over the last week, reaching $129.44. Bill Ackman paid an average price of $52.83.

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The second most representative stock in Bill Ackman’s portfolio is the finance firm General Growth Properties Inc (NYSE:GGP). As of June, the investor holds 67.7 million shares, representing 12.30% of his holdings. The stock rose +1.42% during the week, and keeps the same trend, since today is up +0.50%. Ackman paid only an average price of $10.83 per share, resulting in a 84.64% gain.

BEAM Inc (NYSE:BEAM), the alcohol beverage company, is one of the stocks with a major allocation in the billionaire’s portfolio. With more than twenty million shares, BEAM represents 12.00% of Ackman’s fund. The stock has gained +2.09% over last week, and still going up since its price rose +0.97% today. Bill Ackman has paid an average price of $48.25, while the stocks trades at $68.06 today.

Air Product & Chemical stock rise

Following Beam Inc. is Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. (NYSE:APD), which produces and sells atmospheric products. The stock has rose +2.20% during last week, and today it keeps growing +0.84%, reaching $108.76. Over the last quarter, Bill Ackman acquired 30.6 million shares at an average price of $100.17, which represents 28.13% of his portfolio.

The fifth firm with the biggest allocation in the billionaire’s fund is the fast food franchise Burger King Worldwide Inc (NYSE:BKW). The stock rose +0.53% last week, and today is up 1.62%, trading at $19.41. The company represents 6.84% of Bill Ackman’s portfolio, which holds 38.3 million shares, acquired at an average price of $14.33.

The investor Bill Ackman has shown a great performanced, outperforming the S&P 500 by 1.01%, and leaving other billionaires such as Warren Buffett (+1.12%) and Bill Gates (+0.99%) in the dust.

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