Apple Inc. (AAPL) To Release iOS 7.0.3 Next Week [REPORT]

Apple Inc. (AAPL) To Release iOS 7.0.3 Next Week [REPORT]

Apple Inc. (NSADAQ:AAPL) will release iOS 7.0.3 soon. According to Boy Genius Report, it’s currently in the process of being tested for release. They cited unidentified sources which reported the software update has been ceeded to partners and employees for the final test phase.

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Apple iOS 7.0.3 release date unknown

BGR explained, “We’re not sure exactly when the new software will be released to the public, but we believe it will be sometime next week. The build number of iOS 7.0.3 is 11B491. Apple Inc. (NSADAQ:AAPL) released iOS 7 to the public on September 18th as a free update for iPhone 4, 4S and 5 in addition to the iPad 2, iPad, iPad mini and the fifth-generation iPod touch.”

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iOS 7 is the most current operating system but it’s still going through critical changes to improve it’s overall experience.

Apple’s iOS parallax effect

One of the more common problems concerning Apple Inc. (NSADAQ:AAPL)’s current iOS is the fact it has a parallax effect, which makes some users feel dizzy or sick. The reason behind this problem is the moving animations and dynamic backgrounds featured in this operating system. The icons on the screen also slowly move on the screen and produces a three-dimensional effect. It’s not something iOS users are used to.

Frederick Bonato (psychologist from Montclair State University in New Jersey) explained, “We haven’t done any experiments with this phone, but this is what I think is happening — it’s definitely linked to the motion of the screen. Also, the resolution is very high, so you’ve got a very sharp, clear image — moving.”

Visual output of iOS

The operating system also has something that appears to look like it’s zooming in and out as the user switches applications. Bonato added, “Visually, the input is indicating that the person is moving, but all the other senses indicate the person is not moving — or, even worse, with these phones, is moving in a different way.”

Moving features can sometimes cause health issues like nausea, dizziness, or headaches. These health issues can also be triggered by IMAX screens or flight simulators. Since the Apple Inc. (NSADAQ:AAPL) iPhone screen is small, your eyes may not know where to focus. Fortunately, users can turn off the paralax feature by going to settings > general > accessibility > reduce motion.

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