Alan Greenspan: No Apologizes For Forecasts, Says “I am not Superman”

In an interview with Bloomberg Television’s Sara Eisen, Alan Greenspan defends his actions on monetary policy, offering no apologies for missing economic forecasts.

Alan Greenspan: No Apologizes For Forecasts, Says "I am not Superman"

Alan Greenspan said:  “I am in the business where, Harry Truman once said, ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’… I apologize for something I did wrong, and I do apologize. I don’t apologize…I was doing the best I can. The arguments, some of which are quite accurate is I missed certain forecasts, you don’t apologize for that. Do you? I don’t. We are not omniscient.  I am a human being. I cannot see beyond the horizon any more than anyone else can. Now to apologize for not being Superman, I just refuse to do that because that never entered my mind.”

Alan Greenspan video embedded below

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