Twitter IPO Confirmed – Sort Of

There has been plenty of talk recently about Twitter possibly preparing for an initial public offering as early as the first quarter of next year. Now it seems as if a spokesperson for the social network has confirmed those rumors. Well, sort of.

Twitter IPO Confirmed - Sort Of

A Twitter spokesperson’s cryptic email

Katie Roof of Fox Business contacted Carolyn Penner, a spokesperson for Twitter, to see if anyone would be able to address the rumors about Twitter planning an IPO. She sent that request via email, and in response, Penner sent back a cryptic message without any letters.

It read: “…”

Can’t say = yes?

So the question now is whether that cryptic message was actually an indirect yes to the rumors. The Urban Dictionary states that “…”, which is referred to as an ellipses, can be used to mean that a word or phrase has been omitted. It can also mean silence or simply a pause in speaking.

Of course Penner has not responded to a request to clarify what she meant by her cryptic response. However, this has helped heat up the Twitter rumor mill even further. Many users of the social network agree that she might have indirectly confirmed that the company is planning an IPO very soon. The social network has frequently refused to answer questions about an IPO in the past, so the ellipses could mean that she can’t say anything about it, which some interpret as meaning that the answer to the question is yes.

Details on Twitter’s rumored IPO

Rumors about Twitter having an IPO have stretched back for years, but this time around they might have some truth to them. In addition to Penner’s seemingly purposeful semi-non response, there have been a number of details this week that give those rumors a more concrete image.

Sources have said investment banks are competing for Twitter’s business while the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ are competing for its stock listing. Morgan Stanley is said to be leading other investment banks in attracting Twitter’s business. Also there have been indications that the amount Twitter will be aiming for is as high as $15 billion through the rumored IPO.

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