How To Set An Expiration Date And Time For Your Tweets

How To Set An Expiration Date And Time For Your Tweets

Ever wanted to post tweets that automatically expire after a certain duration? For example, when you’re sharing a discount coupon code that is valid for only today, or some hours, then such tweets will still appear after the coupon code has expired. Don’t you think that there should be a way so that such tweets automatically expire after a certain time? Well, here’s a Twitter app that will let you do just that.

Enter Spirit, a Twitter app that automatically deletes tweets after a certain time period. You just need to add a hashtag mentioning the time after which the tweet will self-destruct. There’s no UI or complicated options, it solely relies on hashtags.

To get started, visit Spirit, click on Enable Spirit and then login to your Twitter account and grant permission to this app. Once you do this, you’ll be able to see the below screen that will provide you instructions. For example, in your tweet, simply mention the time as “#15m” which means that your tweet will self-destruct after 15 minutes. Same way, you can also use #10h for 10 hours or #8d for 8 days.

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How To Set An Expiration Date And Time For Your Tweets

You can now post tweets from the web, from mobile or tablet and if it contains such a hashtag, then it will detect it and take necessary action. Just ensure that you’re using the hashtag in the correct format.


If in future you ever want to stop Spirit from deleting your tweets, then just go to Twitter’s app page (direct URL) and revoke access to the app.

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