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How to Search All Open Tabs In Firefox At Once

Thanks to the tabs feature of browsers these days, even regular users have many tabs open in their browser. One tab can be used for social networking, one for Wikipedia, one for the next thing to read and the list goes on. But what if you want to find something in all those tabs at once, without manually switching to each tabs? This is something that one cannot do in Firefox by default. You’ll need to switch to each tabs, and press Ctrl+F to search. This is not a convenient way to search, and that’s why here’s an easier way to do this.

New extension for Firefox

Enter Hugo, a new extension for Firefox that aims to search in all open tabs. The extension adds a new “Hugo” button to the find bar, which when clicked opens the Hugo sidebar.

Let’s say you’ve opened multiple tabs and want to search for a term such as “technology” in all those open tabs. Press Ctrl+F to open the find bar and then type “technology.” Next, click on the Hugo button from this find bar. You’ll now notice a sidebar added to Firefox which will show results from all tabs, at one convenient place. Note that it might take a couple of seconds to search, depending on the number of open tabs in your browser.


Didn’t like the sidebar? No problem, you can right-click on the sidebar and click “Move panel to bottom” to move the panel to the bottom of the browser. Click on “Close panel” to close it or click on “Options” to open options.

The extension separates search results by tabs so that it is easier for you to locate where that text originates from. You can double-click on the result to jump straight to that tab and text. You can also click on the page title to open that tab.

The filters will help you to search for only select tabs. For example, if you want to search only in the current tab then click on “Current.”

If you want to improve the performance of this extension, then from the options, you might want to enable “Throttle results rendering.” But in normal cases, you might not need to activate this option.

Overall it can be said that Hugo is a superb extension for those who research a lot. It saves time and provides a convenient way to search all tabs at once.