Samsung Galaxy S5 Revealed In A New Concept

Samsung Galaxy S5webandi / Pixabay

Samsung won’t release the Galaxy S5 smartphone until next year, and that gives fans ample time to dream about what the next generation will be like. Right now, we’ve been seeing a lot of concept designs that show the next Galaxy S5. shared the scoop on a purported flexible smartphone. They also explained why some people aren’t too thrilled about the design: “It should be noted that some people reacted to the design with distaste, although this is due to not wanting to see “a line down the middle of the phone screen”. This assumption would be wrong thanks to flexible technology that is already possible and would be needed for this Samsung Galaxy S5 concept. Others are more practical with their thoughts on the folding idea. While it would be great to offer a phablet sized phone that fits in small pockets, some people think a folding phone is “just asking to be broken” and they would rather have something more solid.”

Samsung Galaxy S5 Revealed In A New Concept

Samsung might have other designs

A smartphone that folds could make for an interesting product, however, it may take more effort to produce such a phone if they want to make it so it doesn’t break so easily. Hopefully, the company has other designs in mind that will prove to be more successful.

The Galaxy S4 was released earlier this year, and unfortunately it failed to make a splash in the market. The truth was that the Galaxy S4 was essentially the Galaxy S3 redux. Fans expect a different phone with each subsequent release. The fact that Samsung messed up on this latest release means there will be even more pressure to release a completely revamped device. Perhaps Apple’s upcoming release of the iPhone 5S will inspire Samsung to revamp their next great smartphone.

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