Silent Companies Are Better

I appreciate the companies in my portfolio that don’t say much. They just do their work, and don’t advertise it.

Silent Companies Are Better

There is a bias among promotional companies, that one must promote the company in every press release.  I disagree.

Just be honest.  If you don’t have anything significant to say, don’t say it.  Spend your time on growing the business, rather than advertising accomplishments.

Truth: I would prefer that companies simply issue a 10-Q or 10-K, and do not hold a conference call for analysts.  Just give us the data, and let us analyze it.

Let the analysts do their work, and don’t answer their phone calls. Create a genuine level playing field where no one gets to talk with management unless everyone is invited to listen.

I realize this is radical, but I am trying to be genuinely fair, which does not happen often on Wall Street.

By David Merkel, CFA of