iPhone 5S Parody Pokes Fun Of Apple For Making Same Phone Repeatedly

iPhone 5S Parody Pokes Fun Of Apple For Making Same Phone Repeatedly
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The iPhone 5S is expected to be unveiled on Tuesday, and there’s a new parody video that pokes fun of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). Spotted at YouTube, it’s got some pretty funny lines and will undoubtedly have some Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fanboys irate.

iPhone 5S Parody Pokes Fun Of Apple For Making Same Phone Repeatedly

Apple’s lack of innovation gets a jab

The YouTube video was posted by Now You Got Swag, and it suggests that the iPhone 5s will be nothing more than the iPhone 5, with the added S on the end standing for “same.” The video features sound bites from people with titles like CEO of Senior Know-It-All and CEO of WTF.

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This line sums up the majority of the video: “We have found a way to sell the exact same iPhone a year later…and sell millions.”

iPhone 5S nothing but a repeat?

The video emphasizes how Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has a tendency to release handsets with very minimal changes. It even jokingly calls Apple fanboys mindless and suggests that Apple rakes it in without releasing anything new ever.

“The iPhone 5 has been hailed as the best phone of all time,” one of the guys says in the video. “Because people said so.”

iPhone 5S for “mindless” people who don’t like change?

The video suggests that people don’t like change and pokes fun of Siri, saying that it proves “ignorance is bliss” because Siri doesn’t really provide good answers for many questions. And of course no parody of Apple products would be complete without poking fun of Apple Maps, saying that people “still want to go on unforeseen adventures with Apple Maps.”

“I think there is this profound and enduring beauty with how much we are able to get away with,” one of the characters states. “And we push that…as far as we can.”

“We have become incredibly innovative, without exception,” another says. “We’re breaking new ground every day on how to deceive our mindless…loyal…customers.”

And what about Apple’s secrecy?

And then of course there’s the secrecy Apple is known for. They suggest Apple has taken this secrecy to the new iPhone by not putting the iPhone 5S name on it, thus enabling the company’s customers to be “just as deceptive” as Apple is claimed to be in the video.

And the iPhone 5C?

And don’t forget about that other new handset that’s expected to be unveiled on Tuesday—the iPhone 5C, which of course the video claims that the C stands for “cheap.” It’s made out of plastic, “so that everyone can afford an iPhone, even the peasants.”

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