How to Get Galaxy S4 Air Call Feature On Any Android Phone

Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, comes with some enticing features that have never been seen before in any other smartphone. The Galaxy S4 claims to be the most human friendly smartphone ever, and Samsung markets it as “life companion.” Two notable features of this phone are the ‘Smart Scroll’ that scrolls the page by slightly tilting the phone and ‘Smart Pause’, which allows the video player to pause the video if you’re not looking at the screen.

Air Call Accept is also a feature that debuted with the Galaxy S4, where you don’t even need to touch your phone to answer a call; all you need to do is to simply swipe your hand over the infrared sensor which is next to the earpiece speaker to receive your call. This gesture-based action is very useful when you can’t touch your phone. The fact is that this feature is just limited to Samsung Galaxy S4, but one Android developer set up a task to bring the same feature to any other Android-based smartphone.

How to get Air Call feature

Enter Air Call-Accept, a free app that does the same thing as its name suggests. It lets you answer a call by simply swiping your hand when an incoming call arrives. It works similar to the Galaxy S4.

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How to Get Galaxy S4 Air Call Feature On Any Android Phone

Air Call-Accept relies on the proximity sensor that comes with mostly any Android device. If your device doesn’t have any such proximity sensor, then this app won’t work. Once you install the free app, you have toggle ON its functionality and then you can start accepting calls with just a wave over the proximity sensor area.

There’s also a paid version of this app that lets you reject calls, turn on the speaker when answering a call or send a SMS when rejecting a call. If you just want the Galaxy S4’s feature, then the basic (free) app would suffice for you.

Air Call-Accept can be downloaded for free from Play Store and it requires Android 1.6 and above. Get it from the link below.

Download Air Call-Accept from Play Store