As we all know, iOS 7 is now available for all iOS users, which means we can now download and install Apple’s latest offering right now. There are many changes in this new OS, and one of them is the way app updates are handled by the operating system.

iOS 7 automatic updates

In iOS 7, apps will be automatically updated in the background, without any need to open App Store and then hit the Update button. When the update is complete, the App Store will display a notification in the Notification Center about the updated app. Silent app update is surely a good feature that many of you will love.

But this new feature does have a downside, too. For example, sometimes app updates break certain features, or change the way we normally use the app. In such a case, we wish that we would have never updated the app, but now it’s too late.

Fortunately, Apple does offer an option to enable or disable automatic app updates on iOS 7. Those who still prefer the traditional manual way to update apps can turn off automatic updates by navigating to ‘Settings’ and tapping on “iTunes & App Store.”


Look for the ‘Automatic Downloads’ section, and from ‘Updates’, slide the switch from green ‘on’ position to ‘off’. Alternatively, if you want to enable automatic app updates in the future, then simply toggle it to the on position.

When turned off, you’ll need to launch the App Store and manually update each app. If you don’t have time to update all your apps manually, then let App Store update your apps automatically in the background. This way, you’ll always be able to use the latest version of all your installed apps.