How to Create And Export A List Of Your Android Apps

When it comes to apps, we’ve got plenty of them at the Play store. But we only install a handful of them that we find useful. Sometimes your friend might ask for app recommendations or you just want to get a list of apps that you’ve installed, and in such a case, you could go directly to Google Play to view a list of apps. But the problem with this list is that it displays all apps that you’ve downloaded. It won’t skip those apps that you’ve uninstalled.

Android app ‘List My Apps’

But now there’s an Android app called List My Apps that displays a list of apps installed on your device. The good thing about this app is that it lists only the apps that you’ve currently installed, and not the system apps that your device came bundled with.

Now, to create your own app list, select the apps that you want to include in your list and then choose whether you want to copy it as plain text, HTML text, BBCode list or Markdown list. If you want to get direct links of the apps from the Play store, then you can select any option from last three. To select all, or deselect all, tap on the menu key to bring such options.


You can copy the list of apps to your clipboard by tapping on the clipboard icon at the top. Once copied, you can then paste it to your favorite note taking app like Google Keep, Evernote, or can also email the list to your friend. Tap on the share icon to share it on social networks.

It simply lists out all the Android apps


Overall, the app does what it promises to do. It simply lists out all the Android apps that you’ve installed and then exports it in your preferred format. Get it from below link.

Install List My Apps from Play Store

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