How To Block Candy Crush Saga Notifications On Facebook

How To Block Candy Crush Saga Notifications On Facebook
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Facebook, as we know, presents notifications for every single thing, be it games, apps, likes, comments or anything. The more these notifications, the more annoying our social networking experience gets. These days, a lot of people have started to play Candy Crush Saga, an addictive game on Facebook, and with it comes annoying notifications.

How To Block Candy Crush Saga Notifications On Facebook

How to block Candy Crush Saga notifications

So instead of checking for these notifications every time, there’s a way to block those “Candy Crush Saga” notifications once and for all, and it will just take a second or two. Here’s how it’s done:

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Step 1: Login to Facebook and pull down the notifications pane from the top of your screen.

Step 2: Now you’ll be able to see Candy Crush Saga notifications. Hover over it and click on the X next to it.

Step 3: When you click on X, it will give you an option to turn off all notifications from Candy Crush Saga. Click on “Turn Off.”

That’s all you need to do. This method can be applied not just for this game, but it can be used to block any game or app.

To confirm (although there’s absolutely no need to) that you did it correctly, go into your Notification settings (direct URL) and check that “Candy Crush Saga” app box is unchecked under “App requests and activity” section.

Go ahead and from now onwards, you’ll get one less notification on Facebook.

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