Twitter Lawyer Resigns From Position

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Twitter General Counsel Alex Macgillivray has announced that he is leaving his position at the social networking company. Macgillivray said that he was leaving in order to pursue “other passions.” He made the announcement on his blog today, and tweeted a link to the post.

Twitter Lawyer Resigns From Position

The lawyer said that Vijaya Gadde, the company’s head of international and corporate law, will eventually take over his position, but he will stay on as an adviser to the company’s legal team for the medium term. Macgillivray said that he will gradually reduce his role in the day-to-day business of the company going forward.

Twitter legal department changes

It is unclear whether the resignation of Mr. Macgillivray reflects a change in the company’s legal make up, or if it is just a change for purely personal reasons. The fact that Mr. Macgillivray is intent on staying on as an adviser means bad blood is an unlikely explanation, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t changes coming at the company’s legal department.

Twitter is constantly changing and its corporate legal needs constantly require re-examination. There is one trend in the company that, if true, would dominate the attention of its legal department for some time.

Twitter IPO on the way

Investors really only care about one thing at Twitter. The market wants to know when the company is going to head for an initial public offering so they can buy into one of the most important web properties out there. Some reports suggest that the company will go public in 2014, but there has been no confirmation or announcement from the company.

Until Twitter actually announces its intention to go public, there is little for investors to do but watch the space. Both the Nasdaq and NYSE are vying for the right to host the company’s shares, but there has been absolutely no confirmation of the firm’s public future just yet.

The change in the company’s legal make up may, however, reflect a steady march toward IPO, but that is highly speculative. The company hired a banker back in May, but it will need a hefty legal team to smooth the road toward a public offering.


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