Samsung Galaxy S5 To Have Metal Body [REPORT]

Next year, Samsung will release the Galaxy S5. Fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the device, although they will have to wait for a while. Fortunately, there are plenty of rumors to satisfy the most curious minds.

Samsung Galaxy S5 To Have Metal Body [REPORT]

Samsung Galaxy S5’s metal exterior

Korean tech news website ET News reports that Samsung plans on giving the Galaxy S5 a metal exterior. They also predict that the production for the phone will start in late 2013. The next device is already developed in Europe and will be mass-produced in Vietnam.

There have been numerous rumors that Samsung’s next phone will feature a metal body in hopes to compete with more upscale phones such as the iPhone. Earlier this summer, there was a report that Samsung would revamp their entire design.

Galaxy Note 3 not able to debut

CNET explains, “With the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ready to make its formal debut at IFA next week, the rumor mill is already moving onto that other big thing, the Galaxy S line. According to a recent ET News report (translate), Samsung will employ an aluminum or other-metal housing for its fifth-generation hero phone. As one of the biggest knocks against the Samsung Galaxy S4, the plastic body is often viewed as an inferior material compared to the likes of the HTC One’s metal chassis. CNET, in its review of the smartphone, noted the “plastic design gives it a cheaper look than its rivals.” Still, Samsung has said it chooses plastic for lightness and durability.

Samsung’s latest smartphone heralded much disappointment. The Galaxy S4 really wasn’t all that different from the Galaxy S3, and that left some fans uninterested in the once-popular Samsung smartphone. This is why many fans are hoping that the next Galaxy S phone will be bigger and better than previous generations — especially since Apple is set to release the iPhone 5S next month.