Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Date, Specs And Photos

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Date, Specs And Photos

Now that Samsung is done releasing different variants of its highly popular smartphone Galaxy S4, the focus has now shifted to the company’s other much awaited high-end smartphone, the Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specs

Is the device going to get even bigger or will the screen size remain the same? The good news is that Samsung executive J.K. Shin has confirmed that the Galaxy Note 3 will feature a 5.9-inch OLED screen, and it won’t be a flexible display as some rumors claim to be. This 5.9-inch screen is said to be a Full HD display. For now, the only thing that does not remain a mystery for us is the screen size.

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Apart from the big screen, the Galaxy Note 3 will be packing some serious punch. It is said that the Note 3 will be following the footsteps of the Galaxy S4 with a powerful octa-core chip. Yes, not a quad-core but an octa-core.

The Note 3 is also said to come with a whopping 3GB of RAM, breaking the 2GB barrier. In fact, multiple sources have confirmed that the phone will indeed ship with 3GB RAM, and not surprisingly as Samsung is said to up the tech specs of their phones every time. The 13MP camera will sport some features like optical image stabilisation, a feature that will compete with traditional digital cameras. Of course, Samsung’s legendary S Pen will also be there.

There are reports that Samsung will release different versions of the Galaxy Note 3 to appeal to different shoppers. With so many different versions of the Galaxy S4, it won’t be a surprise if Samsung follows the same lead with Note 3.

The Note 3 will come with an Android 4.2.2 or Android 4.3, and of course with Samsung’s own TouchWiz UI.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Photos

Many wonder if the Korean firm will change the materiasl for chassis construction – would it be plastic or aluminum unibody? From leaked photos by the Chinese microblogging site Weibo, it looks like Samsung will still, and will always will, opt for plastic chassis (which no doubt looks cheap). Well, if Samsung is doing this just to keep manufacturing costs down then that’s a bad move. In most cases, Samsung will follow the footsteps of the Galaxy S3 and S4 in terms of design.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Date, Specs And Photos

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to be launched at IFA 2013 in Berlin this September, although the news is not yet officially confirmed.

Will the Korean smartphone giant make the Note 3 a successful phone, and can it entice users with its tech specs and design? That needs to be seen. Stay tuned to ValueWalk for all updates.