Notre Dame Equity Valuation Full Course Syllabus

Notre Dame Equity Valuation

Notre Dame Equity Valuation Full Course Syllabus

Notre Dame Equity Valuation Course Syllabus:

    • Download the syllabus (in pdf format).

Notre Dame Equity Valuation Lecture Notes:


Notre Dame Equity Valuation Suggested Problems and Textbook Supporting Materials:

    • Throughout the semester, I will provide example problems associated with the material we cover in class. Solutions to these example problems will be available below.  Aswath Damodaran also provides extensive data and information to support his textbook.  This information can be accessed at:  Investment Valuation (3nd edition) web page.

Lecture Summaries and Example Problems

Answers to Problems

  Lecture 1  (Introduction to Valuation:  Ch. 1-3)
Nike financial statements including notes

  Nike 10K

Lecture 1 Suggested ProblemsLecture 1 Discussion Problems

  Lecture 2  (Estimating the Cost of Capital:  Ch. 7-8)

 Nike Prices

Lecture 2 Suggested ProblemsLecture 2 Discussion problems

  Lecture 3  (Estimating and Forecasting Cash Flows:  Ch. 9-10)

Lecture 3 Suggested ProblemsLecture 3 Discussion Problems

  Lecture 4  (Estimating Growth and Terminal Value:  Ch. 11-12)

Lecture 4 Suggested ProblemsLecture 4 Discussion Problems

  Lecture 5  (Examples and Final Steps:  Ch. 13-16)

Lecture 5 Suggested ProblemsLecture 5 Discussion Problems

  Lecture 6  (Relative Valuation:  Ch. 17-18)

Lecture 6 Suggested ProblemsLecture 6 Discussion Problems



Notre Dame Equity Valuation Exams:

    • The Midterm Exam will be held on Wednesday, November 14th. Click here to view the solutions for the midterm.
      • Click here to download an example midterm (solutions) from a previous semester. Click here to download an additional example midterm (solutions) from a previous semester.
    • The Final Exam will be held on Monday, December 10th from 10:00-12:00. There will also be an alternative final exam time offered on Sunday, December 9th from 3:00-5:00 p.m.  You may take the exam during either exam period. Check back here to view grades from the final exam.


Notre Dame Equity Valuation: The Valuation Project:

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