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How To Post GIF Images On Facebook

GIFs are all over at Google+, right? So why shouldn’t you be able to post them on Facebook, too? For now, there’s no official way to post GIFs on Facebook, and that’s why we are coming up with an unofficial way to enjoy funny GIFs on the world’s largest social network.

How to post GIF images on Facebook

Giphy is a website where you can find many interesting GIFs, and now it has made it possible to share a GIF on Facebook without any complicated or lengthy process. Posting a GIF is dead simple. Here’s how it’s done.

Visit Giphy and browse through the GIFs that various users have uploaded to the site. Once you find a good GIF that you want to post to your Timeline, click on it and then from the next page, click on the Facebook button.

How To Post GIF Images On Facebook

A Facebook share box will pop up. From there, select where you want it to post it to – on your Timeline, on your friend’s Timeline, on a group, on a page, or anywhere else.

Write a status message and then click on “Share link.” That’s it! Now when you check it on Facebook, you’ll be able to see it posted, though you’ll need to click on ‘play icon’ to see the GIF in action, right on Facebook and without navigating anywhere else.

So go ahead and enjoy GIFs on Facebook!